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Breakups, custody battles and intrafamily disputes are some of the hardest personal and legal challenges a person can face. When a relationship or marriage comes to an end, you may have questions about legal rights, care of children and dividing assets and debts. At Legue Law, we can guide you through these difficult times to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your children.

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At Legue Law, we pride ourselves on our wealth of experience and ensure that each client benefits from our extensive legal knowledge. Our approach to each case is individually tailored to reach the solution that is right for you. We have a proven track record of success and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. With us, you’re not just a case number; you’re a valued individual with unique needs and goals.

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22 March 2024
Nate is an absolute sweetheart. He really helped me understand and process what I was going through. Not only as an attorney, but as well as a friend. He’s been around the block once or twice. Maybe even a few times. Trust me, you’ll be in good hands once you sign on with him. He’s extremely well educated, poised, and most importantly…kindhearted. No one could ever make me hate him. If I could do it all over, just to meet him for the first time once more, I would. I’d take every ounce of heartbreak 10 times over, as long as Nate would be by my side. He’s an honorable man. Definitely the way to go for your legal needs.
Joseph Bremer
20 March 2024
Nate and his whole team were wonderful right from the start! I always felt comfortable and represented! I could ask questions and receive the answers in a timely manner and be reassured that the whole team had my back. An incredible lawyer and there is no one else I would want representing me!
Jake Merritts-armey
6 March 2024
Nate is a great lawyer to have on your side! Very professional and knowledgeable. We went through a pretty rough process during a custody modification that was far from simple as well as getting real estate forced to sell. Ended up being a long ordeal due to DHS getting involved with the situation, that being said he helped guide me through every issue that came up. Because of his expertise my wife and I were able to get my kids where they belong and are safe, with us! Could not have done it without him! Very grateful, worth every penny!
Jim Garcia
14 February 2024
Everyone hears of marriage nightmares , well I had one . After a a short marriage and lengthy divorce and custody case filled with false accusations and slander . My case was lengthy, emotional, Nate navigated me through it , while my now ex wife put up every road block and dragged it out . Nate knows what’s important and what’s not , he knows the system and the courts . He won for me and was superior to my ex wife’s lawyer and got me the time I deserve with my daughter. I’d recommend him and use him again , but I pray that I won’t need too .
Andrew Stanbro
29 January 2024
Nate Legue with Legue Law firm gets it done! I was referred to Nate by a friend and I couldn’t be more happier that I did. Nate took the time to help me understand everything because 1) Im not a lawyer and 2) It was my first time ever needing legal help to this extent. Nate is fantastic and definitely a man for the people! Hopefully I don’t ever need help again, but if I do.I’m definitely going right to Nate!
Lasha Nash
5 December 2023
My marriage declined at an alarming rate. There was lots of abuse and unfairness in my marriage. A divorce was needed. Nate Legue was my divorced attorney through the entire process, during the separation and divorce. He protected my rights as a parent also as and individual, he strategized to developed a fair and equal decree that protects our future. He is one of the most empathetic, intelligent, funniest and most absolutely amazing human that I’ve ever met in my life. “If I could meet him again, just to meet him again I would”. He has been more than an attorney he has been a friend, he has been family. It is a privilege and a honor to have known him. He has been the best part of my divorce. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sincerely, Nash family
Scott Mai
3 November 2023
Nate is the best lawyer ever. He got a no contact order my ex took out on me thrown out. He knows what he is doing and it really shows in the court room. He cares about his client's, their rights and the children involved in it. I give him an10 star review. I had no hope or faith I'd see my daughter or win the case. Once I met Nate and he took over I had hope and faith of winning the case. If you are a single dad going through child custody issue's I highly recommend and encourage reaching out to Nate. I will soon be able to see my beautiful daughter after not seeing her for the last two months.
Cheyenne Pecoraro
17 August 2023
Nate represented my Boyfriend Kyle and he did amazing and was good to work with! Recommended him to anyone he won our custody case.
Matthew Allen
26 July 2023
Great lawyer, better mustache.

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