Limited Scope Representation

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er but just need a little expert help, limited scope representation may be right for you.

The court system can be intimidating to anyone experiencing it, especially when you are facing the breakdown of a relationship or hard decisions about your children. Learning how to file court documents online, understanding the rules of civil procedure, answering a judge’s questions by yourself – these are all unnerving.  But paying the hourly legal fees of an attorney to handle it all for you can cost thousands and thousands of dollars! And unfortunately, often lawyers aren’t interested in keeping those fees low.

At Legue Law, we offer a middle path for competent representation without an open-ended fee agreement. If you and your spouse or co-parent are willing to negotiate terms amicably among yourselves, Legue Law can provide the advice and the necessary documents to get your case resolved quickly and less expensively than a “normal” divorce or custody dispute. Even if you are involved in a contentious legal battle, you can hire Legue Law to appear for just one hearing or file just one pleading. It’s called limited scope representation and it permits you to decide exactly what legal work your lawyer will do for you – and what they won’t. That keeps costs low, and often can be done for a flat, agreed-upon fee. If you think your situation qualifies, contact Legue Law today.

  • Limited scope representation allows you to use the services of an attorney in a limited way – to only draft documents or appear at a specific hearing.
  • In this arrangement, you can control exactly what work an attorney does for you – and what you pay for.
  • Many times, limited scope representation can be done for a flat fee instead of an open-ended hourly rate.

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