Legue Law Will Help You Resolve Differences Without the Animosity

Divorces, custody battles and family disputes always bring out thorny and emotionally-charged issues. Often, fighting it out in court causes unnecessary attorney fees, hurt feelings and lingering resentments that can last long after the court’s final order. Litigation can be especially damaging to parental relationships, which have to endure for years after a contentious divorce or custody hearing. And it is the children who wind up getting the worst of that.

Mediation provides a less adversarial option to resolve differences without increasing the animosity between the parties. Even regular civil matters like negligence actions, property disputes and contract cases can be resolved much more quickly and easily than litigation by using a mediator.

When choosing a mediator, you want to find a professional who you can trust to guide you through the sometimes contentious process. Although mediators do not need to be attorneys in Iowa, it often helps to use a lawyer as a mediator because they are familiar with the legal process and framework for reaching a binding resolution. Although mediation allows the parties to avoid courtroom battles, any settlement reached will still likely require the parties to file documents in court to make the agreement permanent.

Attorney Nate Legue was trained by one of Iowa’s foremost authorities on mediation and has completed the required 40-hour training to be a certified mediator. Mediations with Legue Law can be done in person, or using video conferencing software.

  • The Iowa court system recognized mediation as a legitimate resolution process for family law disputes in the 1980s.
  • Mediation allows parties to bring their disputes before an impartial mediator to sort out a solution that works for both parties.
  • Mediators do not give legal advice to the parties, but they can help parties evaluate their positions and find compromise.
  • All mediation is confidential and a mediator cannot be ordered to testify regarding the statements of the parties or the content of mediation absent certain compelling circumstances.

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