Changes to Iowa’s OWI Driver’s License Restrictions

Until this year, drivers arrested for operating while intoxicated faced a significant loss of their driving privileges, even for first offenses. But thanks to new legislation effective July 1, 2018, nearly all of those driving restrictions have been eliminated.

Previously, drivers arrested for their first OWI offense would lose their license for at least six (6) months. After 30 days of no driving, they could apply for a temporary restricted license, but that license only permitted driving to work, to school, to court or to medical appointments. All other driving trips were not allowed, even running for groceries or picking up kids from school or daycare.

Thankfully, changes to the law removed all of those trip restrictions. A driver arrested for OWI must now obtain SR22 insurance and install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. That device prohibits a driver from starting the car if they have alcohol on their breath, but the new rules means drivers can now drive wherever they need to go. These are welcome changes for OWI defendants.

If you have any questions about the changes to Iowa’s driver’s license revocation statutes or have been arrested for OWI, please contact Legue Law, P.C. and schedule a consultation.

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