Nate Legue published in trade journal for older adults

When an parent, grandparent or other aging loved one begins to lose their capacity to make good decisions, family members and close friends can be beset by fears about their well-being. An aging relative who is unable to care for themselves can become a danger to themselves, or in some circumstances such as driving, a danger to others. No family wants their beloved elder to come to harm; that’s where an attorney can help.

Nate Legue regularly helps concerned people establish legal authority over relatives who have lost their ability to take care of themselves whether through physical infirmity, dementia, developmental disability or other incapacity. He also protects the rights of the incapacitated persons who need someone else to care for them. These cases are called guardianships and/or conservatorships. Because of his knowledge and experience, his article on guardianships was recently published in the CSA Journal, the trade magazine for the Society of Certified Senior Advisers. Although jurisdictions vary in their laws and procedures in these types of cases, all states permit qualified persons to establish legal control over people who have lost their ability to look after themselves.

In Iowa, courts allow family members and other interested persons to establish legal authority over adults with diminished capacity. As a practitioner, Nate has helped families and loved ones navigate the often bewildering process of establishing a guardianship over the person or a conservatorship over their finances. Because these legal processes require significant amounts of court oversight, hiring an attorney who can help navigate the process is a good idea. Nate’s knowledge of the process was recognized by the Society of Certified Senior Advisers, who asked him to write the linked article for their readership of professionals in healthcare, social service and other industries who regularly assist adults as they age. With the Baby Boomer generation rapidly approaching retirement and beyond, the need for such services is expanding exponentially.

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