Legue Law now offers mediation

Legue Law is pleased to announce that the firm is now offering mediation services. Attorney Nate Legue completed the required 40-hour training to become a certified mediator in the state of Iowa.

So what is mediation? Mediation is a less expensive, less confrontational and totally voluntary approach to resolving legal disputes. It allows the parties to make informed decisions about the outcome of their dispute, whether it be child custody, divorce, personal injury or any other civil legal claim. A third-party neutral (the mediator) helps facilitate discussion and suggest resolutions. All parties get a chance to hear the other side’s position and work together toward a solution.

Legue Law is ready and able to help you if you have any legal disputes you would like to try and resolve before resorting to litigation, which can be costly and often emotionally draining. Please contact us today using the form below if you would like more information.

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